World's fastest PowerPoint presentation

by Nobo Blog Team 22 Nov 2010

How often should you change your PowerPoint slides when presenting?

The obvious answer is, every time you make a new point. But presenter Dick Hardt doesn’t see it that way. Watch this presentation and you’ll be amazed by how quickly the slides change – often more than once every second.

It makes for a very fast-moving, buzzy show. It’s also memorable – because it’s so different. And it’s a lot of fun.

Downside? The preparation time must have been pretty mind-boggling. But if you want to create a memorable presentation, you could certainly try his approach. Just make sure you keep a remote control gripped tightly in your hand… this isn’t a time where you want an assistant messing things up!

We think these are the world’s fastest presentation slides. If you know better, let us know… just hit the comment button.

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