Meeting Leadership and Facilitation



Make it your mission to run the best meetings you possibly can and the best ones in the company!

The leader needs to provide structure and keep everything on track as well as making sure that the preparations and planning are airtight. But this doesn’t mean reverting back to being stern and intimidating. 

icon Taking the lead

Just like any mode of entertainment, the first few minutes really set the tone.

Good ways to start a meeting are with an interesting quote or news article or an amusing anecdote about a former success that you and another team had; think of something that is relevant to what will be discussed in the meeting that you can use to lead into it.

Try engaging the group in an ‘ice-breaker’ activity where they can have fun, loosen up and familiarise themselves with each other. Get them to find out facts about each other and relate them to the group or express how they are feeling with a word or a drawing.   

icon What makes a good leader

Here is a list of personal qualities and attributes as well as some basic facilitation skills and techniques that help towards being an effective meeting host.


  • Excellent communication skills

  • First-class organisational ability

  • Punctuality and time management

  • Precise attention to detail

  • Conflict management skills

  • A talent for problem-solving 

  • Group management techniques

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • Decisiveness


Be personable, approachable and charismatic; often this is best achieved by just being yourself. If you are well-liked by the group, they will be a much more co-operative audience as well as a more productive team.


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Now that you’ve got everybody on board, you have to make sure that they stay there...



Ask a question

Asking a pertinent or relevant question will help bring people back into a discussion.

Quick break

A 5-10 minute break can help to re-focus and re-energise people while preventing

Group activity

Get them to find out facts about each other and relate them to the group.

Use of music 

"Nothing activates the brain so extensively as music"

– Oliver Sacks, M.D; neurologist


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