The Positives of Returning to Work


The Positives of Returning to Work

After a long time away from the office, many of us find ourselves missing certain comforts. Be it through lockdown, maternity leave, a career break, or otherwise. From the luxury of café lunches, to just being around friends, hands up who’s missing work-life!?

And although home working comes with a number of perks (unmonitored lunches, brisk morning walks and no commute), there’s also a fair few reasons we’re happy about getting back to work.

Still unconvinced? Then read on for enlightenment…

It helps us get back to ‘normality’

Having some kind of routine gives us a reason to get up and out of the house in the morning. An office to visit, a car to drive, a meeting to have – these are all part of the ‘normal’ working lives many of us miss.

Even if it’s part of a phased return to work with social distancing restrictions in place, or if we’re just part-time working, a return to work can contribute towards having some semblance of normality.

Work is good for you!

Believe it or not, there is strong evidence to suggest that work is good for your mental and physical health. During lockdown, a number of employees were unable to work, whilst others were able to log in from their home office.

After the initial novelty wears off, the box-sets are burned through, and the daily task of home schooling becomes fraught, the thought of returning to the ‘new world’ of work holds much appeal! 

Important for our identity

According to an independent government report, work was found to be ‘central’ to an individual’s identity and social status. Rightly or wrongly, many of us define ourselves by our careers or work. It gives us a sense of purpose, and of course an income. All reasons to be cheerful for returning to the office.

Interaction with others

Ask anyone who has been remote working for some time what their greatest challenge is, and isolation or loneliness crops up. That’s because humans are sociable creatures. We thrive on human interaction and being around others.

Going back to work, especially in a shared office, satisfies our very human need to be around others. Communicating with colleagues to complete work projects and conversations in person are the simple things that we may miss when working remotely. To support collaboration in the office, communication tools such as a mobile whiteboard easel or magnetic desktop whiteboard will help to visualise project plans and ideas.

We’re equipped for the future

During the recent coronavirus pandemic, millions of people were forced to work from home. With this came home offices springing up around the country. Many of us invested in office desks and chairs, and useful equipment such as magnetic whiteboards and a desktop whiteboard easel to remain productive. Companies that previously shunned remote working, suddenly realised the many benefits of working from home that we’ve been trying to preach forever.

So, whether you’re returning to an office, or setting up from home, we’re better equipped than ever for remote working in the future. And that can only be a good thing.

Creatively fulfilled

For those of us lucky enough to work in jobs we love, it’s more than just about earning money. It’s also about satisfying some creative fulfilment. Researchers have found that workers who experience a ‘higher calling’ (a purpose) to their jobs, are amongst the most contented workers. If working from home, or not-working from home, has shown us anything, it’s that we all crave a creative outlet, whatever type of profession we’re in.

Helps to restart the economy

Let’s not overlook the obvious here. Money makes the world go round and not just for ourselves. Getting back to work is important for the economy, which in turn is better for our own standard of living.

Sharing new learnings

Whether you’ve been travelling the world, raising children, or working from home during lockdown, there are many learnings we can take and share with co-workers.

Getting back to work and mingling with colleagues (whilst observing social distancing) is a great way of imparting this knowledge. Plus, we’ll benefit from their insight too. It’s win-win all around.

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