In/Out Board - 10 Names

See at a glance who is in or out with a Nobo Grey In/Out board. This Nobo In/Out board uses a simple yet effective sliding mechanism to show a tick or cross against a name, to indicate who is in, and who is out. Use the perforated card inserts supplied to write or print names on; these inserts can easily be removed for amending and updating. Spare packs of insert cards are available when replacements are required.
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The Nobo in/Out board has a simple sliding mechanism shows whether an employee is in or out by displaying a tick or cross

The perforated card inserts provided allow you to add more names and can be removed easily to update and amend the board

Supplied with wall fixings

Spare pack of inserts available separately for staff changes (35538094)

Takes up to 10 names (358x256mm)


Code 35538092
Colour grey
Dimensions 256 x 52 x 450
Weight 1.22