Nobo T-Card Printable Planning Cards - Size 2

Organize and visualise your projects with the Nobo T-Card printable planning cards. T-Card planning cards work with the Nobo T Card Planning System and are available in a fantastic choice of sizes. These printable planning cards are compatible with inkjet, laser and photocopiers. Includes a template that allows you to adjust text to fit the printable area. T-Card wall planning systems offer a project status overview at a glance. Pack size 20 sheets (9 T-Cards per sheet) total 180 T-Cards.
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Simple and visual project organisation with Nobo T-Card planning systems

Size 2 printable planning cards

Includes a template allows text adjustment to fit the printable area

Printable planning cards 130 gsm

Pack size 20 sheets (9 T-Cards per sheet) total 180 T-Cards


Code 2402008
Colour Rose