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Combination Noticeboards

  • Classic Combination Boards

    Combining all the benefits of a magnetic drywipe and pin notice board in one, the versatile Classic combination board is great when office space is limited. Half magnetic steel, half cork or felt, it’s quick and easy to attach notes using magnets, pins or Velcro® or add hand-written notes.

  • Elipse Combination Board Cork/Painted Steel 900X1200mm
    Elipse Combination Board Cork/Painted Steel 900X1200mm

    Elipse boards are great for general office use, with an aluminium frame and concealed wall fixings. Felt surface is fire resistant and colourfast, and can be used with pins or Velcro

  • Ecoboard 432X585mm Drywipe Planner
    Ecoboard 432X585mm Drywipe Planner

    Nobo Ecoboards are a new range of environmentally friendly boards, that have been produced entirely from materials which are nontoxic, sustainable, and designed to be recycled by the consumer rather than ending up as waste in a landfill. And because EcoBoards are "designed for disassembly’,...


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