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Overhead Projector Lamps

  • Replacement Overhead Projector Lamps

    Although most Quantum overhead projectors come with twin lamps for back-up if one fails, it’s advisable to keep a spare OHP lamp to hand. Make sure you choose the correct replacement lamp for your specific Quantum projector model for a professional, stress-free presentation.

  • Replacement Overhead Projector Lamp X11P
    Replacement Overhead Projector Lamp X11P

    Replacement Lamp for the Nobo X11P Digital DLP Projector.

  • Replacement Lamp For X22P
    Replacement Lamp For X22P

    Replacement lamp for Nobo X22P DLP Projector

  • S28/X28/WX28 Replacement Lamp
    S28/X28/WX28 Replacement Lamp

    Replacement lamp for Nobo S28/X28/WX28 digital projector.

  • Replacement Lamp X20E
    Replacement Lamp X20E

    200W Bulb.

  • Replacement Lamp X25C
    Replacement Lamp X25C

    Nobo's overhead projectors give a professional presentation everytime. They are compact and easy to operate and give a superb picture quality in all light conditions. Whether you want to share plain text or full colour graphics, there's a Quantum OHP to suit all your presentation needs. The...


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