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Flipchart Pads

  • Flipchart Pads

    Versatile Flipchart Pads designed for displaying information, preparing for meetings, as a brainstorming tool for capturing ideas and many more. Whatever the task, there is a flipchart pad to fit your needs.

  • Kapture® Digital Flipchart Pads
    Kapture® Digital Flipchart Pads

    There are few office tasks quite as frustrating as typing up piles of flipchart notes after a busy conference. Now, thanks to the launch of the new Nobo Kapture® Digital Flipchart, you no longer have to! The Nobo Kapture® Digital Flipchart Pad is a key component of the Nobo Kapture® Digital...

  • Kapture® Ink Cartridges (Assorted)
    Kapture® Ink Cartridges (Assorted)

    Nobo Kapture® Ink Cartridges have been specifically designed to fit the Nobo Kapture® Digital Marker Pen, an integral part of Nobo Kapture® Digital Flipchart. This pack of 6 assorted disposable ink cartridges is ideal for busy meetings or brainstorming sessions where up to four digital pens...


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