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  • 30% Increased Erasability

    Nano Clean™ whiteboards offer increased erasability performance, higher resistance to pen stains and ghosting and higher resistance to abrasion and scratches than common painted steel whiteboards.
  • Nano Clean™ Protective Seal

    Nano Clean™ technology creates a smooth surface that prevents pen ink from penetrating the board enhancing erasability and durability beyond painted steel.
  • How Nano Clean™ Works

    Nano Clean seals the whiteboard surface at a nano level, filling the microscopic inconsistencies and voids that are found on a traditional whiteboard that allow pen ink to build up and lead to surface deterioration.

Nano Clean Steel Whiteboards

  • Nano Clean™ Steel Magnetic Whiteboards

    The easiest to clean durable steel whiteboard. The Nobo Nano Clean™ Steel range of whiteboards have a unique Nano Clean™ surface exclusive to Nobo which offers a 30% increased erasability and improved resistance to ink stains, pen marks, scratches and dents compared to standard painted steel....


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