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Whiteboard Rail Systems

Our selection of whiteboards and noticeboards are the ideal choice for presenting, but we realise that in some cases extra writing space or additional aids are needed after your first board is used.

45 years’ design innovation in the field of visual communications has allowed us to provide a solution.

Our unique ProRail Twintrack rail system allows users to hang whiteboards, flipcharts and noticeboards along a set of fixed rails, which run the length of the room.

Unobtrusive and stylish, rails begin at 2.4m and can be cut to suit your needs.

Hang multiple boards or flipcharts individually, or combine with Our Prorail Extension Kit to allow all whiteboards and charts to glide past each other with ease.

A clever space-saving initiative, which provides multiple boards for the busy professional, only from Nobo.


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