Nobo T-Card Metal Planning Panels

The T-Card wall planner system makes planning simple and hassle-free. T-Cards are coloured tabs that correspond to your workplace events. They can be moved as and when needed, creating a powerful and versatile system of organisation. Available in different sizes, simply slot a T-card into the panel and watch as your business engagements take colour. You can fix the panels how you choose depending on the size or scope of your operation. Link them together in three different ways - wall rail, folding or pivoting frame. A simple link bar joins the panels together with a clip over the top. Note: metal and plastic systems are exclusive and cannot be mixed together. 32 slots. Size 4. Metal.
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Όλα τα μεγέθη των πλαισίων αντιστοιχούν σε μεγέθη T-Card για παραγγελία

32-θυρο μεταλλικό πλαίσιο T-Card μεγέθους 4

Μήκος: 655 mm


Αναφορά Προϊόντος 1900395
Χρώμα ------------
Διαστάσεις 130 x 12 x 655
Βάρος 0,41