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How will you be using your whiteboard?

If collaboration and brainstorming are key, then a large surface area and durable surface will be important. Whereas, if the board will be used for displaying and communicating messages, then you may want to consider a contemporary and stylish glass whiteboard.

Workplace collaboration can be extremely effective. Whiteboards can be used to jot down ideas and notes whilst discussing topics in small or large groups.
Whiteboards encourage inclusivity and conversation which is key during brainstorming sessions.
From hotels to restaurants, relaying information is important in the hospitality industry. Whiteboards can provide clear and attractive tools for visually displaying information.
Whiteboards are a versatile tool for remote workers and office workers alike; ideal for tasks such as project planning or managing your daily to-do list.
Whiteboards are a great tool to support learning as they encourage everyone to share their ideas whilst making it fun and engaging.
Whether you need to remember key dates or write a to-do list, a whiteboard is a really helpful tool in the home to make organisation both fun and productive.
Whiteboards are a great platform for posting information in an industrial setting that is updated frequently such as staff schedules and temporary information.
In workplace break out areas, canteens or restaurants, whiteboards provide a quick 'wipe clean' platform to communicate up to date and regularly changing information.
How often will you be using your whiteboard?

If your whiteboard will be used often, then you may want to consider a surface type which has superior erasability.

Heavy Use
Magnetic glass surface for unbeatable erasability
The unique qualities of glass make it the best whiteboard surface for performance and longevity with the highest resistance to pen marks and staining.
Frequent Use
Magnetic enamel surface for superior erasability
Enamel whiteboards are extremely resistant to pen marks and staining when maintained with a suitable cleaning regime.
Moderate Use
Magnetic steel surface for increased erasability
Steel whiteboards are highly resistant to ghosting when maintained with a suitable cleaning regime.
What type of fixing would best suit your needs?

Traditional through-corner mounting provides a secure and flush finish. Wheras the InvisaMount™ system provides professional and seamless installation where fixings are neatly concealed behind the board.

Concealed Mounting
Nobo's innovative InvisaMount™ system makes installation effortless. This low-profile wall mounting system conceals fixings neatly behind the board to give a seamless floating effect.
Traditional Fixing
The traditional through-corner wall mounting method provides safe and secure installation. The stylish corner caps conceal all fixings to keep the frame design seamless and the board flush to the wall.
How much space do you have for your whiteboard?

Nobo whiteboards are available in both widescreen and standard format. The widescreen boards provide an expansive writing or display surface compared to standard formats where space at the top and bottom can go unused.

1500x1000mm to 3000x1200mm
Ideal for classrooms and larger meeting spaces, available in widescreen or standard format.
900x600mm to 1260x710mm
Ideal for meeting spaces and breakout areas. Available in widescreen and standard format.
Up to 890x500mm
Ideal for personal offices or small meeting spaces. Available in widescreen or standard format.
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