Nano Clean™ steel Whiteboards

Nano Clean™ technology delivers a smooth surface that enhances erasability and durability beyond traditional painted steel. 

  • Durability

    Durability designed for performance in professional, frequent useage and multi user environments, supported by a long 15 year guarantee.

  • Erasability

    This unique Nobo surface has been tested to offer 30% increased erasability performance than a traditional painted steel surface.


How Nano Clean™ works

The Nano Clean™ surface coating delivers 30% better erasability than a traditional painted steel whiteboard surface.


Nobo Nano Clean™ steel Whiteboard 1800x900mm

Nano Clean™ steel whiteboard, the easiest to clean durable steel whiteboard


Diamond Glass whiteboards

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Prestige Enamel whiteboards

Made white, stays white...made to last.

Classic Steel whiteboards

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