Creative Ways to Make Team Meetings More Engaging


Creative Ways to Make Team Meetings More Engaging

It’s no secret that some meetings can be mundane. Do you often fine yourself daydreaming? Are your eyes constantly on the clock? Team meetings don’t have to be like this. In fact, they present an excellent opportunity to infuse creativity and enthusiasm. In this blog post we will discuss why engagement is important, as well as how to make team meetings more inspiring. We will provide tips and tricks to transform team meetings from routing gatherings to dynamic and productive sessions that your team looks forward to attending.

Why is engagement so important in meetings?

Engagement in team meetings is crucial for several reasons, as it directly impacts team effectiveness, productivity, and overall success. Below. are some key reasons why engagement in team meetings is important.

Enhanced collaboration

If team members are engaged in the discussion, they are more likely to participate and collaborate with attendees. With everyone involved in working towards common goals they are more confident in contributing ideas and sharing expertise.

Improved decision-making

Engaged attendees are more invested in any decisions that need to be made in a team meeting. Participants are more likely to critically evaluate options, provide constructive feedback, and reach consensus. Lack of engagement in a meeting will often result in a failure to make any decisions.

Increased innovation

Do you find that boring meetings result in boring ideas? Engaged attendees are much more likely to think creatively and generate innovative solutions for your business. Their active involvement in brainstorming and problem-solving fosters a culture of innovation within the wider team too. Nobo’s Move & Meet Mobile Collaboration System helps promote collaboration with its removable double sided whiteboards, where team members can actively be involved and share ideas, making it the ideal tool for brainstorming sessions.

Better communication

If team members are engaged in meetings they will be more attentive listeners and clearer communicators. Effective communication is essential for understanding complex issues, clarifying doubts, and avoiding misunderstandings.

Boosted morale and motivation

Engaging team meetings can boost team morale and motivation. If attendees feel that their contributions are valued by other members of the team and that they are driving progress, they are more likely to stay motivated and committed.

Faster conflict resolution

When employees feel valued and included in team meetings any conflicts and challenges that occur are more likely to be dealt with openly. This leads to quicker conflict resolution and prevents issues from festering and impacting team dynamics.


Engaged team members take ownership of their tasks and responsibilities. You will notice that they are more likely to follow through on action items swiftly and commitments made during meetings that priority.

Inclusivity and diversity of ideas

No attendees perspective or idea is wrong. Engaged members are more open to listening to varying viewpoints and having open discussions with employees from different seniority levels and departments.

Knowledge sharing

If meeting participants are engaged they are more willing to share their knowledge and expertise. This knowledge sharing can lead to the development of best practices, increased learning, and skill development within the wider team.

Time and resource efficiency

Fun and engaging meetings often foster more focus and productivity. You will find attendees waste less time on irrelevant discussions or distractions, ensuring that meetings are efficient and use resources effectively.

Positive team culture

Consistently engaging meetings contribute to a positive team culture. Employees won’t dead seeing them in their calendar, they’ll be excited for them. This will also help with opportunities for growth, collaboration, and camaraderie.

Retention and employee satisfaction

Engaged team members are more likely to be satisfied with their work and less likely to leave the company. This can help with employee retention, reducing turnover costs.

Employee engagement meeting ideas

Break the monotony of regular meetings by implementing some of the tips below when planning your next team meeting.

Themed meetings

Whilst this takes a little more planning having a themed meeting can be fun and sparks creativity. Themes can be based on seasons, holidays, or even pop culture references. For example, if your meeting is about a new product launching for Christmas, wearing festive jumpers could get attendees in the mood.

Interactive icebreakers

Consider kicking off your meetings with engaging icebreakers. These can be quick and fun activities that help team members connect on a personal level. For example, you can ask everyone to share two truths and one lie about themselves. Other attendees would need to decide which statement is the lie.

Guest speakers and expert panels

Bring in experts or guest speakers relevant to your industry or project. Hearing from external voices can provide fresh insights and inspire team members. It also adds an element of surprise to your meetings.

Visual storytelling

Replace long-winded presentations with visual storytelling. Encourage team members to create short, engaging presentations with visuals, infographics, and videos. This approach not only makes information more digestible but also taps into different learning styles.

Change the scenery

If you have a dull meeting room it may help to host meetings in different locations. Take a picnic blanket outdoors, head to a local coffee shop, or simply hold a huddle in another room. Changing the environment can stimulate creativity and engagement.

Incorporate gamification

Inject fun and engagement into meetings by incorporating interactive games on the whiteboard. Pictionary, quizzes, or word games can be excellent icebreakers or energizers during long meetings. Gamification encourages active participation and can make learning more enjoyable.

Use technology innovatively

With an abundance of technology available to businesses, leveraging this for meetings is a great solution for increased engagement. Experiment with virtual reality, augmented reality, or interactive gadgets to make virtual meetings more engaging. Encourage team members to use digital collaboration tools for real-time brainstorming and idea sharing.

Spotlight employee achievements

Dedicate time in your team meeting to celebrate employee success. Recognising outstanding contributions, promotions, or personal milestones not only boosts morale but also creates a sense of pride and belonging.

Open mic sessions for brainstorming

Allocate time for open mic sessions where team members can share ideas, suggestions, or even pitch new projects without the formality of a traditional meeting. Encourage creative thinking and assure team members that all ideas are valued.

Encourage diverse perspectives

Diversity of thought is a powerful driver of innovation. Create a safe space for team members to express their perspectives, even if they differ from the majority. Encourage healthy debates and discussions.

Role reversal

Problem solving meetings can be draining due to the intensity of making decisions. Having team members approach topics in these meetings from the viewpoint of another employee can help overcome hurdles and highlight pros and cons with fresh eyes. This can help to reach a comprehensive solution.

Incorporating creativity and engagement into team meetings can have a profound impact on team morale, productivity, and collaboration. By implementing these creative strategies, you can transform your meetings from obligatory gatherings into exciting and fruitful sessions that the team eagerly anticipates. Remember that engagement is an ongoing process, so don't be afraid to experiment and tailor these approaches to suit your team's unique dynamics.

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