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Creative Ways to Make Team Meetings More Engaging


If you want to add some zest to your meetings at work our blog discusses how to make team meetings more engaging. We share our favourite tips to get you started.

What Is an Annual General Meeting & How Can You Run One?


Discover everything you need to know about AGMs (Annual General Meetings). Our blog includes a free template to help you facilitate your own.

What is a Town Hall Meeting in Business?


Discover how town hall meetings can benefit businesses. We highlight the benefits for employees too, as well as how to plan and execute an affective meeting.

How to Conduct a Problem Solving Meeting + Free Agenda


Problems are inevitable in any business. How you tackle issues is important. Discover how to run an effective problem solving meeting and use our free agenda!

Adjusting To Life Back At Work


There’s a few things we can do as individuals and organisations, to aid a successful return to work; here’s a few ideas.

Seven Tips for Successful Social Distancing in the Workplace


For the wellbeing or yourself, and others, here’s seven helpful tips to maintain effective social distancing when you return to the office.