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Best Tools to Support Diversity and Inclusion


We investigate some of the best tools that can help businesses build and maintain a foundation for inclusion, from recruitment to communication solutions.

Communication at Work: Understanding Communication Styles


The key to effective communication at work is to understand different communication styles and set out practical strategies to improve communication.

How to Run an Ad Hoc Meeting Last Minute


Ad hoc meetings are required to deal with urgent situations. As an expert in efficient meetings, Nobo advises how to hold effective last-minute meetings.

What Is Meeting Fatigue and How to Prevent It


Meeting fatigue results in lowered productivity and increased stress. As an expert in productive meetings, Nobo explores how to avoid meeting fatigue.

What Tools Do You Need for a Strategy Meeting?


Discover the workplace solutions needed for successful strategy meetings to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and drive actionable outcomes.

How to Create the Perfect Project Kick-off Meeting Agenda


Learn expert strategies for crafting the perfect project kick-off meeting agenda to launch your project. Discover practical workplace solutions from Nobo.