Nobo Freestanding Magnetic Glass Desktop Whiteboard 600x430mm

This dual-sided desktop whiteboard is a useful addition to any work space at home or in the office due to its frameless whiteboard design and premium glass finish. The dry erase safety glass surface makes it an ideal memo board and note taking tool; simply write, wipe clean away and start afresh. Alternatively, you can post temporary notes or use extra strong whiteboard magnets to secure your memos. The high quality magnetic glass whiteboard surface also offers the highest resistance to stains and scratches. Supplied with a whiteboard pen and extra strong glass whiteboard magnets. Size: 600x430mm.
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Dry erase magnetic glass desktop whiteboard with stylish frameless whiteboard design and full length whiteboard pen tray.

The perfect dry erase memo board for note taking and lists; simply write or stick your notes, wipe clean and start afresh.

This glass desktop whiteboard fits perfectly on your desk as a desk divider; providing double-sided writing space.

Glass whiteboard surface provides ultra-erasability and the highest resistance to ink stains and pen marks.

Size 600x430mm

Supplied with Nobo whiteboard pen and extra strong glass whiteboard magnets

Magnetic glass whiteboard surface requires occasional cleaning to look and perform at its best

25 year surface guarantee


Code 1905265
Colour Brilliant White
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 574 x 432 x 140
Weight 6.72